About The Project

Considered to be preferred by the high level of social, cultural and living sphere among the cities of the world, the Pearl of the Bosphorus The most popular and brand district of Istanbul, rising in Beylikdüzü,that is not only a masterpiece but also a living classic that will add value to urban life, Modern urbanization. We are crowning our understanding which transforms the moments of human and social unity into a planned project with the conception of human and social customer satisfaction

Hundreds of thousands of people that we have acquired are not our customers but as part of the Delta Family, our priority is Customer Satisfaction .

Modern Face of Beylikdüzü;Delta Dubai Tower

Dubai Tower The way of life of different gathering of culture in Delta Dubai Tower. The attraction that takes the place it deserves in Istanbul, which will be the world’s number one Project, where You will enjoy a special enviroment in the magnificent artwork at Delta Dubai Tower. Delta Dubai Tower will be the place of “Luxury and Splendor attraction with its 10 acre green space and living standard apartments.


Hotels Region


Marmara Park
is at in your side


Your office is
next to you


Is in one minute
of distance


Fifteen minute away
from the Airport


One minute away
from highway

Near to the Metro

One minute walking
distance to metro

E5 Highway

One minute away
from E5

Near to SeaView

Very close to the SeaView


The majestic masterpiece Delta Dubai Tower; an attractive living and business center with an advantageous location in the areas of architectural features, technical equipment, infrastructure and social facilities.

Aqua Park

Dubai Delta Tower is Istanbul’s largest Aqua Park project in Turkey Our project has a different feature that distinguishes itself from other projects.

Thermal Facility

Enjoy the thermal facility with Delta Dubai Tower. SPA combined with abundant healing waters. It will relax and get rid of stress


You will be at the center of quality and economic shopping at the Delta Dubai Tower Shopping Center,You will find everything in front of you and will open the door of the world of opportunities in front of you

Turkey’s First
Treatment Plant Project!

Your drinking water will flow out of the tap. Turkey’s first water treatment facility project, Delta Tower project in Dubai continues to offer innovations and conveniences you…


Delta Dubai Tower project puts you at an innovation that will save you from noise and chaos. Experience the Aquarium with Delta Dubai Tower to have an extraordinary day with your family

Central Heating and Cooling Systems

You will be at the top of the comfort of Delta Dubai Tower with central heating cooling systems. Wellness facilities. Delta Dubai Tower is one of the top buildings in Beylikdüzü…

Comfort Life

Everything about comfort is depends with the difference of Delta Dubai Tower . Delta Dubai Tower your five-star comfort is at in your area, workplace, entertainment world, which will make your holidays enjoyable.

A Peaceful Environment

At the part of the pleasure of being in a privileged living space with your family and loved ones, away from stress, away from disturbing of noise, you will find the seaview, and the green space, and comfortable place.

Comfortable and Luxury Life

Fresh air, Plenty of oxygen, Sunshine, While you are in a deep sleep in your bedroom with seaview and nature view, you will feel happy to say hello to the next day.

Top of the Aesthetics…

Delta Dubai Tower, which has a aesthetic value in a masterpiece with its gathering of interior architecture and privilege, will fill your spiritual life with positive emotions .

Here you would feel amazing in every moment of your life…

The most natural right to be in the living area where maximum comfort and natural beauty are combined because of your peace of mind, happy life, performance in your work and daily life a magnificent construction.

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Produced by ‘Residence, Mall, Hotel’ project and sell it in the industry with 67 200 housing one of the leading communities in Turkey, ” the Delta Group of Companies’ sub companies that give the dealership as well as groups from the production of building the company, the real estate marketing services, food from Restaurant and Cafe business, electricity production, Furniture production is active in many areas. Periods various authorities’ Parliament Magazine ‘side, Turkey Consumer Magazine, İYBB’ by 2005, 2007, 2009 in Turkey, the institution of the year were selected.

Trust First is Our patented motto guided by 100 % customer satisfaction in every field.