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Modern Face of Beylikdüzü;Delta Dubai Tower





Why Delta Dubai Tower?

Have you ever thought about why your choice should be Delta Dubai Tower ”among thousands of building projects in metropolitan city of Istanbul? Because the Dubai Tower is a magnificent masterpiece Residence, AVM and Hotel is built on 3 blocks of Dubai Comfort & Tower, Istanbul’s brand district Beylikdüzü a unique work. Because Delta Dubai Tower, based on customer satisfaction, each is a masterpiece based on the needs of the area, social and cultural life. Because Dubai Comfort Tower, living space integrated with its glamor, elegance and aesthetics life. More than twenty two countries in the top of the city of Istanbul, a project that offers advantages in a living area that eliminates the transportation problem. Delta Dubai Tower is a quality, economic life profile where it has the seaview, the sunshine and the nature beauty bb, the peace and happiness is based on trust Delta Dubai comfort tower is trustworthy. ” Under the every Project of Dubai Tower , Delta has the“ TRUST FİRST` ’signature.