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Istanbul Under Your Feet

Life Begins at Delta Dubai Comfort Water Park!

At the Summit of Istanbul

A Privileged Life That Smells History!

At the Summit of Istanbul

A Privileged Life That Smells History!

About the Project

We've Been Building Trust for 23 Years.

Information About the Project
Delta Dubai Comfort | Our Waterpark project was built on a land of 27.000 m2.
Project; It consists of 7 blocks and 1,250 independent sections.
Deeds are Ready and Suitable for Citizenship.

Where is the Project? Location ?
It is facing the Bahçeşehir - Beylikdüzü TEM connection road. With the advantage of location, easy access to important connection roads, public transportation vehicles and the airport is provided, while the metro project is 7 minutes away from the metrobus and only 45 minutes from Istanbul Airport, and with the metro project that will allow you to easily reach every part of Istanbul, which has been started, Delta Dubai Comfort | You will have the privilege of living in the Waterpark.

Flat Types and Dimensions

  • 1+1,
  • 2+1,
  • 3+1,
  • 4+1,
  • 6+1 Flat Types Are Available and Flat Sizes Vary Between 95m2 - 430m2.

    What are the Social Opportunities?

  • Outdoor and Indoor Pools (7 in total),
  • Thermal Pool,
  • Aquapark,
  • Turkish Bath,
  • Sauna,
  • Steam Room,
  • Playland - Children's Playing Room,
  • Ball and Invitation Halls,
  • 7/24 Security Service,
  • Valet Service,
  • Waterpark Open Air Mall,
  • Light Shows on the Exterior of the Blocks,
  • Beauty and Aesthetic Center..


    Delta Dubai Comfort | Water Park

    Purpose and Intent

    The first secret to success is purpose and intent. There is no way to move forward without a purpose, without making an intention and undertaking something.

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